How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Spring is here! But winter can be rough on your lawn. As such, you may have to follow certain steps to help prepare it for spring. This helps to ensure that your yard thrives and turns green and lush when the temperatures increase. Here are the steps you will want to follow to help prepare your lawn. […]

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How to Get Ready to Host Your First Party

After purchasing a new home, you may want to host a housewarming party. This allows you to show off your home to all of your family and friends. However, hosting a party is not always easy, as there is a lot of work involved. If you are looking to host a party, follow these steps to get ready.  […]

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What to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

When you are preparing to move into your new home, there are many things that you need to do. Decluttering and packing are at the top of many people’s list, but there are also many other things you need to take care of before you can settle into your new home. Here are a few of the things that you should ensure you do before moving into your new house.  […]

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Prepping For A Move? These Stress-Free Moving Tips Will Help

Whether you’re an all-star packer or this is your first move, there are some basics to keep in mind as you’re getting started that will help you successfully (and peacefully!) move into your new spaces. Families often find that they’re missing critical items on the first few days which ends with you scrambling to find “just the right box” or making emergency trips to the store to get pet food or plates. Here are a few tips from the pros that will help boost your moving IQ and help you get ready for a stress-free move! […]

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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

If you have ever painted a room in your home, you understand the stress of picking the perfect color. Choose poorly and you could be stuck staring at an abysmal wall for years. So, how can you avoid the pitfalls of common paint perils? The experts at Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling have a few suggestions when it comes to finding the perfect color palette for your home. […]

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Home Design Trends for 2019

A new year is on the horizon, and that means a whole lot of new trends to keep up with. This year promises to be one of the firsts in the remodeling industry to bring back many old favorites, while more modern design help to create bold new styles in the 2019 home. If you are looking to make some changes to your rooms, consider these new year ideas from the design experts at Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling. […]

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What Is a Construction Loan?

If you are interested in building a home or have researched the process of buying a lot and building a house, then you have probably run across the term, “construction loan.” This makes many buyers nervous since it isn’t as well known of a term as “mortgage” and many wonder just what costs wait behind that loan, and how difficult it might be to get. […]

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Real Estate Trends: Why Building a Home May Be a Better Option

When you are ready to settle down in a house of your own, there are three traditional options for everyone. First, you can inherit a house (not an option for most home seekers). Second, you can buy an existing home. Third, you can invest in a plot of land and arrange to have a new house built. […]

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The Home Security Checklist Every Homeowner Should Follow

Congratulations on your home! It’s exciting to move into a brand new house. But, before settling in, be sure that your family is secure. How? Start by following this home security checklist. […]

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Safety Tips for Your Family

It has been a dream come true — moving into your custom home.  You’ve taken months to handle even the smallest detail with your expert builder at Hannah Custom Homes & Remodeling. But, is your new home as safe as it could be? […]

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