Custom Homes

What Sets Us Apart?

Although Hannah Custom Homes is known for high-quality, beautiful homes – true showpieces with amazing curb appeal, this isn’t actually what sets us apart. Many home builders can bring your Pinterest board to life, but what’s underneath the home, in the walls and in the attic is where we truly focus. Making your home comfortable, efficient, and long lasting is where we shine. These aren’t qualities that are often noticed in a home – and that’s the goal – to never notice, because the humidity, the temperature and the general environment are correct and specific to the needs of your family, although you may notice the decrease in your utility bills.

WATER AND AIR MANAGEMENT: Hannah Custom Homes believes that the building envelope should be airtight and waterproof. From the details of the crawlspace to the design of the structure, and the type of sheathing to the treatment of exterior penetrations, every part of the project is meticulously scrutinized for optimal efficiency and tightness. Hannah’s full team inspects each home at milestones to ensure The Hannah Standard is met before proceeding to the next phase of building.

AIR QUALITY: Hannah Custom Homes works with each customer to learn the specific needs of those living in the home, from allergies to auto-immune issues. We do not believe in the old adage that houses need to breathe. Instead, we develop a system to ensure clean, filtered air is mechanically brought from the exterior into your home, as needed. Our homes are conditioned from the ground up, literally from the foundation or basement through to the attic, so the same air is prevalent throughout the home.