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Hannah Custom Homes (HCH), LLC is your premier Custom Home Builder in Middle Tennessee. Hannah Custom Homes will build you and your family your dream home. Designing and building your dream home is a great undertaking. At Hannah Custom Homes we consider our customers to be the cornerstone of the entire building process. We appreciate your personal style and back your ideas with practical solutions and optional amenities, making your dream home a reality! We take pride in our homes and want to share with you our excitement and love for building a perfect home for you and your family.
  • Serving All Middle Tennessee
  • Rated A+ By The Better Business Bureau
  • Many Happy New Homeowners
  • We’ll Walk You Through Every Step

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Hannah Custom Homes Brochure. We work with a complete team of outstanding companies to help you during the building process. Download our brochure to view our work and meet other high quality companies we partner with to complete the building process.

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