At Hannah, we take pride in providing an enjoyable, streamlined building process for our customers. We build custom homes. Every home built is different and tailored to that particular customers style and selections with the end result of a beautiful custom home to be proud of!

This varies with every home. Many factors go into this price. Each of our homes are (unique, tailored, customized) based on the aesthetics and plans chosen by the customer.

Every home build time is different depending on the details of the home but the average time is as follows:

3000 sq ft 7 months
4000 sf ft 8 months and so on

We work with our customers to have plans drawn with an architect or draftsman if they want to (create) a new plan. You can also purchase plans online.

Our homes start at 3000 sq ft and up.

If financing is needed, it is recommended you speak with a bank regarding construction loan details. After you have a budget in mind you can start searching for land. We are frequently involved early in this process as we can give our opinion, for instance, if the land is favorable or not for building. We recommend you do not finalize your house plans until you have your lot chosen to make sure there aren’t any issues. Once there is a site and plans, we can work on preliminary cost numbers for your home. We do a large amount of work on the front end to avoid surprises during the building process including multiple meetings with Hannah and visits to our vendors to make preliminary selections which help determine allowances for selections. Once the budget is approved, it can be given to the bank as needed and we can proceed with construction.

If your searching for land in a subdivision, check with the homeowners association for restrictions. Also, make sure the lot size is large enough for the size of the home you want to build. When looking for tracts of land outside of a subdivision, there are a few things to consider: Is there gas, electric, sewer/septic availability? How far back will you place your home determines cost of utilities. Also, how much site prep needed to be done before building can begin is very important.

We put a bid together based on the plan provided. We ask our customers to visit our vendors to help determine allowances for selections to avoid surprises during the build.

We use a project management software for all involved to see which incorporates the customer, timeline, pictures and selections. This especially works well for out of town customers that are building.

Because we truly care about our customers and the product we produce. We are family owned and each of us owners work daily with the company.  We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. Our reputation is most important to us and we work hard everyday to constantly improve and make sure the quality of our homes stand out.